Leticia town


Leticia is the capital of the Colombian part of Amazonas and is located in the most Southern part of the country where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet on the Amazon River. The unique setting of the city makes it a direct neighbor with the Brazilian city of Tabatinga and with the island of Santa Rosa, Peru. Leticia has approximately 55 000 inhabitants.

The Amazon Bed & Breakfast serves as the perfect base for eco-tourist activities in Leticia and its surroundings to appreciate the wildlife and flora in the Amazon region. All year round there's lots of wildlife to be seen in the Amazon region, including monkeys, ocelots and dolphins, and array of birdlife. We arrange day tours and rainforests excursions in and around Leticia as well as visits to indigenous villages which will give you a unique insight to life in the Amazonas.

Short facts about Leticia

  • Temperature: 30° C.
  • Population: 55.000 inhabitants
  • Area: 109.665 Km2
  • How to get there: By air or river travel
  • Indian Population: Huitotos, Yaguas, Tukunas, Ticunas, Boras, Andoques.
  • Economy: Lumber extraction, fishing, tourism.
  • Airport: Vasquez Cobo.

Recommendations for the trip

Luggage: Take comfortable luggage, cotton clothing, pants and long-sleeved shirts, hat or cap, bathing suit, sunglasses, raingear, flashlight, rubber boots, camera, insect repellent, tennis or comfortable shoes, sun block, medicines you are using at the time of your trip.

Documents: Take travel tickets and identification papers such as proof of citizenships (citizen ID card) or foreign residency card or visa, or passport (verify that passport is valid). Hand carry documents at all times.

Vaccines: Vaccination card for Tetanus and Yellow fever. Vaccinate minimum two weeks before the trip.

Precautions: It is important to use repellent to avoid insect bites. Take small extra backpack for outings. When putting on shoes (boots or tennis shoes), shake them well to remove any insects or animals. Do not touch or slide hands along railings of the platforms in the Parks, nor remove trunks or Rocks. Do not remove fauna, flora or mineral matter from the Parks or visited zones. Do not leave trash in the area of the different Parks or in the visited sites; take it back to the city and put it in an adequate place.

Money: In Leticia you can pay with Colombian pesos, Brazilian reais and Peruvian Sols. There are ATMs in the city centre.